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Welcome My fellow Overcomers!

Have you lost the connection with the child in you?

Do you want to bring fun and enjoyment back?

Life can and often does bring obstacles our way and even more so now in this newness of COVID19.  From the daily to-do's to learning who we are and how we 'fit' in this world.  I help support people to a better self-awareness and understanding to thrive in all areas of life.  My mission is to help other women overcome their obstacles and step into their most authentic life. 

When working with me, you can expect:

  • FUN and light-heartedness!  I believe that laughter and seeing the bright side can help us navigate through life's toughest challenges and I bring this into every coaching conversation

  • Honest feedback 

  • Programs built to suite your specific needs

  • A roadmap to  get you to where you want

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See what someone else has to say...

I reached out to Dorothy in January when I lost my dad and my boyfriend of 1 year broke up with me.  Previous to that I was in a 9-year relationship that ended.  I was having so many feelings and emotions.  I felt like I was falling apart.  I sent Dorothy a message asking her to call me as I needed some guidance and advice.  I listened to what she went thru and she gave me great advice and homework to do every day to help me regain my confidence and reassure me that I would be fine and someone great would come into my life but 1st I needed to work on myself.

Every day I am working on myself and being positive and focusing on myself 

Thank Dorothy for taking the time to listen to me and help me thru a difficult time in my life.



Step into the potential of YOU

Move past the hurt of the past

Learn what your true value is

Find your Worth!

Learn how to set healthy boundaries

Protect yourself from burnout

Develop a healthy self-care routine

Learn how to develop confidence in yourself

Re-connect with yourself!


I want people to know they are never alone and they can overcome any obstacle or situation that comes their way!


Join the Group program

During this 7-week course you can expect to:

  • Create the roadmap for where you want to grow

  • Uncover and move through your limiting beliefs

  • Develop a self-care routine

  • Bring the FUN back to your routine

  • Identify where you can pay it forward 

  • Build a community of supporters


Get your hands on "The Overcomer"


My life's purpose is to help others who are struggling to overcome challenges in life. 


With Faith, Courage and love you can reach all of the goals you want and overcome any obstacle in the way.  


Unstoppable Overcomers has partnered with Camarderie Rescue Mission Inc. 

We are selling CRM coffee. 50% of the proceeds will go back to CRM for each purchase made. To place your order today, click on the picture.

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