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The Perfect Storm

There was something brewing within my soul. I had been going after a goal with all gloves off. I had spent the last 6 weeks killing it. I was talking to over 40 people a day; I was telling people about the product I was due to launch. And I dared to ask people for help to get the word out about my program, I was all in! It felt like I was in the middle of the biggest game of my life, kind of like the championship playoffs. There were high stakes, and I had massive dreams and hopes for what was to be the outcome. Then it happened. The day before launch day was the perfect storm. Have you ever felt like this?

I had to admit defeat. No one had signed up for my program, not one person. I acted like it was no big deal, then my mind started to race. “There was no way this could happen to me…How can I face my Saturday morning mastermind group… these ladies believe in me, and they knew the big hairy audacious goals I was going after.” I started to feel like a failure. I thought to myself, “I will just tell them I am not well, and not bother to show up to give my report on how my week had gone. How could I face these ladies? They all believed in me. What about the hundreds of people I have just talked to about this program?” I started to let the doubts creep in. I started to doubt what I was doing, the shit stacking started in my head. How dare I think I could pull this off. “Really? You expected 250 people would join your course?” I felt like a failure, and I had not felt that low in a long time. I tried to act like nothing was wrong, that everything was cool. But my mind would not shut off. Then a coworker made a remark to me that was completely uncalled for, so of course, where I was at in my mind, I blew it way out of proportion. I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to, can you relate?

I left work mad and even more rejected. I was driving home, and as I was 5 mins away; I received a call and you guessed it; it was fuel to the shitty day I was having - only this time it was an inferno on top of a mountain of matches. My evening went to hell in a handbasket as my mom used to always say. The shit stacking in my head went from bad to worse. I tried my usual to get me back to my centered place. I went for a walk, I listened to music on the walk. I was crying so hard I was getting stares from other people. By this point, I didn’t even care, so I did the second thing I know how to do to bring myself around. I attempted to call three of my friends and you guessed it. At that moment they were busy, and no one answered. So, I kept going. I started the third thing I do to get myself centered, I started praying. Then I received a text message from one of the friends saying she was in a meeting but as soon as she was done, she would call me. We talked, I started to feel better. I am a verbal processor and she helped me get it all out and cleared the space for me. She gave me solid advice and I did feel better after talking with her. The other friends checked in on me as well. I hid for 2 days after that; I was tired and felt like I had run a race and was just exhausted.

But I knew God was working in me. I was allowing myself the space I needed to process all of what just happened and to see what my next steps were. Then Saturday morning hit, and I had to face my mastermind group. They were all very supportive and helped me to see a couple of things more clearly. I stayed on afterward and was talking to one of the ladies that was helping me to go after my goal. She reminded me about our first conversation when we both agreed to go all in. She had said to me that once you go all-in on something, the enemy will try and take it away from you. That I would receive opposition because I am close to the goals that I had set out to do. I said I remember that original conversation, and she also reminded me that I just busted through 30 years of shit I had been telling myself and the things that had held me back. From the beginning of my story, you will remember that I said I had asked people for help to get the word out. Folks, I have NEVER done that before. I have never asked another person to help get the word out about what I had been doing. I talked to over 40 people a day. I have never done that before either. I always had some excuse that I have a full-time job and there is just not enough time in a day. I was building connections, I and was making friends. I cared about everyone I was talking to, and I want everyone to succeed.

I met some incredible ladies over the last 6 weeks. I pushed myself beyond what I thought was possible. I had people helping me just because, to get the word out, and after I sat back and realized all that had happened in those 6 weeks, I was astonished. I gained more in those 6 weeks than if I would have had, 250 people, sign up for a course.

I will say the course I put together is fricken amazing. The content in that course will help people go from surviving to thriving. It will help them create the roadmap they need to get there, help them put up healthy boundaries, and it will help them create a self-care program designed for them. This course is something every person on the planet needs! But timing is everything, and I want to help more than 250 people! So, guess what, friends? There is more brewing. In that Saturday morning call, it was identified to me that my calling is much bigger than what I was going for… much, much bigger! Some things have become really clear on what I should be doing. I can’t give the details just yet, but once I can, you will be the first to know!

Friends, I hope this is what you got out of my story, and I hope and pray that you never give up on your goals and go after them with everything you got!

1. No matter what, go after what you want. If you don’t reach your goal, what did you learn from it? I always say I either win or I learn something, I never fail. Yes, at the moment when you are in the shit storms of life, it may feel like you’re failing - but things are just falling into place.

2. Believe in yourself, believe in your mission, believe that what you have, other people need. If you don’t believe it yourself, how can others believe in you?

3. When you commit to going all in, you will be tested. What you do and how you act will define if you make it or not. And not everything will work out the way you want it to, but trust me it will work out the way it is supposed to.

4. There are people out there that are willing to help you, so, ASK! If you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO!

5. There will always be shit storms in life. What is your backup plan when they happen? What is your plan to help get you out of them and get you back on track to stay focused and on target for your goals?

6. Allow yourself the space you need to breathe and process what has happened. Do not beat yourself up when things don’t go according to how you want them to go. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, but also have a plan to not wallow in those feelings and allow yourself to get back on track.

7. If you’re going through hell, keep walking till you get out to the other side, and don’t give up till you're out!

8. Surround yourself with positive people that will not give up on you, and be that person back for them when needed.

9. Be kind to yourself always!

10. Don’t hide your light! Let that sucker shine, be a bright light for people, and never give up hope!

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