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Welcome to Unstoppable Overcomers where we help you get your story heard and seen by the masses! 

My name is Dorothy Graham O'Dell and I founded the company out of a passion for helping others get seen.  In today's marketplace, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle with all of the new books, products, and information.  I've brought together a combination of podcasts, reviews, and marketing strategies to help to do just that! 

I've personally overcome my own hurdles and obstacles getting to where I am and am determined to help as many people as I can.  No one deserves to go through the hard stuff alone!


Our shows


Power Half Hour

The power half-hour was initiated to help support small business owners to get seen.  During the show, you can expect to get tips and tricks from a multitude of industry professionals.  If you are looking to get awareness for your business; let's talk, we are always screening for new guests. 


Unstoppable Overcomers

Each week my co-host, Kimberly and I invite a new guest to share their journey of overcoming in any number of areas of life.  You can expect to leave feeling inspired, intrigued, and ready to get started on your own journey towards overcoming what you have been avoiding or facing uphead. 

WOW, just WOW. 🤩 Dorothy is on a mission and I'm glad God brought us all together!! I was on Episode #44 of Unstoppable Overcomers and it was a blast, and that is an understatement of all understatements. We laughed, we cried, we became friends...during the show and since!

Dorothy along with Kimberly Genovese, host for the Fun-duh-mentals, and Karen Ziska had me rolling from the pre-show all the way through the post-show and beyond. I can't wait to come on again and give updates...I'll start with the first one now!

Since the show, everyone has come together to send two female veterans on a 7-day sailing adventure of a lifetime...Key West to the Dry Tortugas National Park/Fort Jefferson on March 12-19. The total trip will include 10 female veterans from across the country. It takes on average $1,000 per person to make this happen. In an effort to raise funds, Dorothy is now a partner with Camaraderie Coffee Clube and Exchange where we all succeed together through Coffee Fueled Passions!! If you would like to purchase coffee or donate, the links are below and both/either would be appreciated!!

Last but not least, these ladies have jumped in headfirst to assist Camaraderie Rescue Mission Inc's mission of giving veterans, first responders, and the communities they serve a reason to connect and live abundantly. Our three Pillars are Connect - Support - Sustain...I know this partnership will energize all three pillars and more.

Thank you, Dorothy and Kimberly, y'all inspire me!!

Greg Bicknell, USAF, CMSgt (Ret)
Camaraderie Rescue Mission Inc
Founder - President

Are you looking to start your own Podcast?

 With years of experience in social media, podcasting, and live show production, we can help serve you and make your show a reality. 

We have five packages to serve you; click the button below for more information. 

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Becoming Unstoppable in 2024 Community. 

Are you tired of walking through life's challenges alone?

Do you need support from people who may have gone through what you have?

Are wanting accountability in 2024 to stay on track with your goals this year?

Are you an entrepreneur who would like to bounce ideas off people and collaborate with a community of like-minded people? 

Do you want help to put a self-care program in place that works for you?

Do you want to have more fun in life?

We go further together! 

I have created a private community where we can have all of the above. 

We will meet weekly, I will do some coaching on the things that I know, we will have guest speakers from time to time on the areas that the group needs or wants help in. 

We will hold space for each other. 

To join the community, click on the link to get started. Once the fee has been paid, I will send you a link to the private community on Facebook so that you can get started. 

There is a monthly fee to join. You can cancel anytime; once canceled, you will be deleted from the group. 

I look forward to creating the life we all want in 2024 together! Let's all win together! 

Calling all Authors

As an author, I know how challenging it can be to get your book out into the marketplace and to get seen.  I am driven to help support as many new authors as I can to get seen by the masses.  

Get your book read and reviewed by me including featured interviews on the show. 

Or, if you need help fully rolling out in the market, let's get to work on a full roll-out plan which includes exposure to my entire audience, interviews, and more. 



We teamed up with Hear the Hope Heros and created this song to help heal the brokenhearted. 

Heal the Broken Hearted. 


The Story Behind Heal The Broken Hearted

My song Heal the Broken-Hearted talks about my life journey; for years, I struggled with being bullied as a child. I had extremely low self-esteem, which led to poor and abusive relationships, and when my uncle took his life, our family was never the same.

The Healing Journey

I wrote a book about my life’s journey, and I met some incredible people through getting the book out, which made me decide to start a live show and allow people to share their stories. I know how lonely life can get, and I wanted to change that for people and let them know they are never alone.

Connections With Veterans

This led me to the veteran world, where my heart exploded with love and understanding for these men and women who struggle with PTSD and suicidal adiations. I made it my mission to help them get the help they needed and to help them heal.

Then my father died of cancer on September 14, 21, and we were at his bedside for nine days. I would watch his chest move, and I was at peace knowing soon his pain would end, but then I knew ours would begin. In those nine days, God taught me a lot about my dad and our circumstances, and I knew I was put on this earth to share his story and to help others heal. I hope this song helps you in some way.

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