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Package One: Plug and Play

- Plug and play instructions/model

- All insider secrets on how to create your show

- Step-by-step processes

- 1 hr consultation (Q/A session once you have had a chance to go through the materials)

Price: $1,500 flat fee

Package Two: On-Site Production and Directing of Episodes

- Help you to promote your show
- Act as liaison between guest and host
- Produce and record show
- Upload to all locations the podcast will appear on
- Editing of podcast show*
* Editing is an additional cost hired outside and paid for by us.

Price: $300 -$700 per episode, depending on needs

Package Three: Ultimate All-Inclusive Podcasting/Show Consultation/Mentorship

- Locating and Materializing the Vision you have for your podcast

- Strategizing topics, guests, timing, day, and where you would like your shows to be seen

-Optimization of Guest and Guest Valuation (for you and them) - Building out Community

- Package One - On-Site Production and Direction of 2 Episodes


Price: $3,000 flat fee

Package Four: Roku Access

Your show on our Roku channel with support to build it up to its own channel


Price: $200/monthly or $2,300/yearly

Package Five: Ultimate All-Inclusive Business in Bottle

-Business Mentoring/Interim COO

- Business Mapping and Planning

- Financial Sponsorship training


Price: $500 a month plus a commission percentage (negotiated and agreed upon by both parties

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