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Choose your pricing plan

  • Tier 1 Sponsorship

    Your business advertised on both shows UOP. PHHUBO
    • Guaranteed spot as a guest on either show
    • 52 episodes of advertising
    • Business Owner Social Media Kit.
    • Your logo will be on our website for a year
    • Your logo at 4 of our major events throughout the year
    • provide us your 15-30 second ad about your business.
  • Tier 2 Sponsorship

    Any 36 episodes of your choosing, from either show.
    • Guaranteed spot as a guest on either show
    • Business Owner Social Media Kit
    • Your logo and company information at 4 of our major events
    • Your logo will go on our website in the thank you section
    • must provide your logo and 15-30 sec ad about your company
  • Tier 4 Sponsorship

    You pick any episode you would like to sponsor.
    • Included in an exclusive Facebook page with past guests
    • Your logo will go on our website in the thank you section
    • 1 episode that you are advertised on
  • Tier 5 sponsorship

    We help you create your show, and get it on our Roku channel
    • 6 weeks training to get your show up and running
    • Your show on our Roku channel for one year.
  • Platinum Events pkg.

    • 30 min. Podcasting consultation
    • Product marketing at Super Bowl Legends week
    • Product Giveaway option and Lead list
  • Gold Events Pkg.

    • Product marketing at Super Bowl Legends week
    • Product giveaway option, Lead list
  • Silver Events Pkg.

    • Product marketing at Super Bowl Legends week
  • Plug & Play Package

    Podcast production package one
    • Plug & play instructional/model
    • All insider secrets on how to create your show
    • Step-by-step processes
    • 1 hr consolation (Q/A once you go through materials)
  • Production & Direct

    We partner with you on each episode
    • Help you to promote your show
    • Act as a liaison between guest and host
    • Produce and record show
    • Upload to all locations the podcast will appear on
    • Editing of podcast show*
    • * Editing is an additional cost hired outside
  • Ultimate Package

    All- Inclusive podcasting/show consultation/mentorship
    • Locating & Materializing the vision you have for your show
    • Strategizing topics, guests, timing, day and locations
    • Optimization of guest & guest valuation
    • Building out community
    • Package one
    • On- Site Production & Direction of 2 episodes
  • Roku Access

    Every month
    We will you be seen with potential of 65 million households
    Valid for 12 months
    • Your show on our Roku channel w/support to build up to yours
  • Roku Access

    Yearly payment
    • Your show on our Roku channel yearly payment
  • 1 hour Professional Interview

    1 hour showcasing you and your business
    • Your clients will know what you do, and how you serve them
    • Great way to use on your website, great 3rd party tool
    • No outside advertisers
  • Social Media package 2- clips added

    6 social media clips
    • 1 hour professional interview
    • 6 social media clips to promote you
    • You don't have the worry of creating your own
  • Ulitmate Social Media Kit

    Social Media Kit in a box
    • 1 hour professtional interview
    • 6 clips to use on your social media
    • 2-5 min trailer to use for potential clients
    • Sets you apart from other business owners
  • Title Sponsor of Golf tournament

    Main sponsor of the event
    • Company logo included in all event marketing
    • Logo included on all email blasts, social media posts, web
    • Dedicated Title Sponsor logo Banner at Registration
    • Two minutes of speaking time during the reception
  • Hole sponsor

    Sponsoring a hole with logo on that hole
    • Sign with company logo at sponsored hole
    • Opportunity to set up a marketing table in reception hall
    • Logo included on all email blasts, social media posts, web
    • Website an social media recognition
    • Steak dinner included for reception.
  • Golfer for 3rd annual Don Graham Classic

    Golfing fee for tournament
    • 18 holes of golf with cart
    • Steak dinner
    • Fun time with your team
  • Team of 4 for Golf tournament

    Team of 4 for Don Graham Classic Aug. 19, 2023
    • Includes 18 holes with Cart for 4 people
    • Steak dinner for 4 people
  • 2 People for Golf Tournament

    Don Graham Classic Aug. 19th, 2023
    • 18 holes and cart for 2 people
    • Steak dinner for 2 people
  • Tier 3 Sponsorship

    16 episodes of sponsorship
    • 16 episodes of your choosing
    • Guaranteed spot as a guest on either show
    • Your logo on our website for a year
  • Becoming Unstoppable in 2024.

    Every month
    Join of community of like minded people who are busting through.
    • Weekly support.
    • Coaching around areas that you are stuck in.
    • Community of people that will help you stay on track.
    • Accountability.
    • Fun.
    • Self-care ideas.
  • 7 Week Evolution Program

    Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and positive transformation
    • Week 1-2: Self-Reflection
    • Week 3-4: Skill Development
    • Week 5-6: Mindset Mastery
    • Week 7: Personal Evolution
  • Join us for 1 night of Operation H.O.P.E

    Join us for one of the 7 weeks of Operation H.O.P.E
    • Seeing were your blind spots are
    • Making you a priority, creating the roadmap for you.
    • Check in with your limiting beliefs
    • Helping you find your purpose
    • Group setting, help from your peers
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