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Dorothy Graham O’Dell shares her life story of how she has overcome being bullied, low self-esteem, abusive relationships, and family tragedies all with faith and courage. 

The Overcomer is chapter after chapter of real-life scenarios in which Dorothy found herself in and how she was able to overcome each obstacle that was put in front of her. It is real and raw at times and makes you feel like your right there with her.  It is a story of hope, faith, and love, and never giving up.


The Overcomer will have you laughing at some of the wit and humour that is used as she goes through life; it will have you crying as she shares some of the most painful experiences of her life with real and raw honesty. It will also give you hope as she shares that after years of not believing in one’s self that if you wait long enough and never settle you will find true love, but first you must love one’s self.


The Overcomer is about leaving a legacy for your family that will go many generations deep, and never giving up no matter how hard life is!

The Overcomer

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