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Let's talk about fun!

This week I want to talk to you about fun and the benefits of it.

Having fun makes us feel good, it helps reduce stress, it boosts our creativity and energy and makes us more productive, and helps us to relax.

Fun is different for each of us, and it does not have to cost a lot of money.

I recently shared with some friends that my husband can sometimes make me laugh like crazy, he can come up with the best comebacks without even thinking about it. Sometimes he thinks he is funny, but I may not see it in that instance. I have tried to be more aware and just enjoy his jokes and his humor.

After a long day at the office and everything goes wrong it may be hard to see the humor in everything, hence why I am being more intentional about finding the fun and humor in everything.

For years I was an overly serious person, and I would take everything way too

seriously, it did affect my relationships with my friends and family, and I have learned to let a lot of stuff go. It did not help that I thought I was superwoman and thought I could take on the world and everyone’s problems. I have learned, everyone needs to fight their own battles and I do not have to be miss fix it. It is ok to have those moments in life where you listen, and not fix.

As the oldest child, and grandchild there can be a lot of responsibility and I found that in some instances I grew up rather quickly, which lead me to be way more serious than I should have been.

I do not regret anything, and it has made me the person I am today, and now is my time to have more fun and help others create the life they want as well.

Having fun does not have to cost a lot of money, here are some fun things I like to do that do not cost a lot of money.

1. Take a walk outside, it helps me clear my head and I love being in nature. The smell of the fresh air and just outside helping to calm me and make me happy. Sharing the walk with a friend is also great and you get to catch up at the same time.

2. Having a conversation with friends and family via phone or zoom can be fun, catching up on old times.

3. Getting a picnic ready for you and your family and going down to the beach and maybe going for a swim after.

4. Reading a book, my mind will take on the story and it is almost like I am in their lives and like a movie playing in my head.

5. Watching a movie of your choice, whether that be a thriller to comedy to a good old chick flick, whatever your preference.

6. Taking the kids to the park, watching them have fun, or even join them on the swing sets it may take you back to your childhood.

7. Going for a drive, I love cranking the tunes if I am by myself and just want to belt out the lyrics and get my groove going. Yes, I dance in my seat if it is a good song.

8. Cooking also helps me relax and I love cooking for other people who enjoy the food it is satisfying to me when someone else enjoys what I made for them.

9. I love volunteering as well; it makes me take my eyes off myself and helps me to focus and being a better person.

10. I love to go, go-karting with my family or playing volleyball or water balloon fights! Yes, I said it water balloon fights. I love the satisfaction of seeing that water balloon burst right on them! Of course, they get me back, but it is so much fun!

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas to step up the fun in your life. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing all your fun stories. Of course, we all create our own fun and we can even have fun doing stuff around the house, take that cleaning and crank the toons and get your groove on!

If you are stuck and not sure how to put the fun back in your life, I have put together a 10-week course called Unstoppable You! It starts July 29th, 21 and we put that road map in place from where you are now to where you want to be in life. We set up healthy boundaries and get rid of those pesky limiting beliefs that are holding you back, plus we set up a self-care program designed just for you, and you will receive a self-care package in the mail, yes it's going to be a surprise and we are doing this all while having fun! If you are interested, please check it out on my website or contact me for any questions you may have.

Have an amazing day and remember to bring fun into everything you do!

Dorothy O’Dell

The Overcomer Coach

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