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A small three-letter word that trips people up.

When I looked up the word fun, it says enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

We all want it, but we don't create time. When was the last time you laughed? Do you even remember the last time you had fun? Yes, fun is in the eye of the beholder, but lately, I don't know about you, but life can get hectic. Work, school, after-school activities, side gigs, mandatory overtime you didn't know about till the last minute, family time other than the 5 minutes you get at dinner. Then we have our parents that we check in on and somehow reach out to a friend to see how they are doing.

Yes, with proper time management, we can get it all done but sometimes it can be exhausting, especially now being the holidays or should I say holidaze! 😊

Folks, we need to take care of ourselves! If we don't, we are no good to anyone else. Trust me! I spent the first 40 years of my life without any self-care program in place and was the world's biggest people pleaser. I hit a wall after my dad was diagnosed with cancer the first time, I reached out for help, and the first words out of my counselor's mouth are what your self-care program is like? I looked at her like she had two heads; I had no time for that. Her words were, "make time." I am so glad I reached out to her because I know I would have had a nervous breakdown without that. I was planning a wedding, working full-time, taking care of my family; my hero just got diagnosed with cancer, and work was insane!

My point is that life is way too short not to enjoy; we work and work and get to a goal, and we don't even celebrate those goals because we are too busy creating the next big thing; I know someone who worked as a schoolteacher till age 65 retired and was dead within six months of retirement. This person saved and worked and didn't take vacations because the thought was, once he retired, he would buy the Winnebago and travel the world, guess what folks his widow had to sell the Winnebago because she could not drive it around the world herself.

So, let's have fun while we work, while we are out creating our lives and building our empires, let's incorporate fun in all we do. Let's make a 21-day challenge fun. Who is with me? To get started, write a list of 21 things you love doing that brings you joy, some that you have not done in a while, and each day of the 21-day challenge, pick one; to be accountable, post a picture daily of you having your fun. Who is with me?

I have listed the top 10 benefits of having fun below, so who is ready and wants to change their life for the better?

The top 10 benefits of having fun are:

1. Reduces stress

2. Better quality sleep

3. Increased creativity

4. It keeps you feeling youthful

5. Improved social skills

6. It can help to heal emotional wounds

7. Better memory

8. Enjoy more energy.

9. Increased productivity

10. Improve your love life.

I am an overcome coach and I help people to bust through what is stopping them from having the fun they desire as well as to reduce stress and create a road map from the life they have to the life they desire. To book your free discovery call today simply message me or send me an email at I look forward to bringing the fun back into your life!

Till next time,

Dorothy O'Dell

Overcomer coach

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