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Happy New Year from us here at Unstoppable Overcomers Productions!

Thank you for another amazing year!


As I sit here and reflect on 2023, I am amazed at all we have accomplished.


We started the year in Arizona at Roman Gabriel the lll Sold out Youth Foundation, volunteering and interviewing some amazing retired athletes in sports.

It was the first time I had ever produced a show in a professional studio; that was an amazing experience. I got to interview Trent Clarke, 3- a three-time World Series coach. Chris Draper is a retired NFL snapper, among many others. We also attended the Wastemanagment Golf tournament and got some great footage from that event.

Then, in March, the song I wrote with Toby Christenson, called Heal the Broken Hearted, was released to the world. 100% of the proceeds from that song go back to helping veterans get their song out to the world, so please go to our website and purchase your copy today.


We have interviewed amazing men and women who have overcome incredible odds throughout the year! It was wild to hear the stories that were shared. I have also been on numerous other podcasts and shows sharing our story. We are now up to 3 shows that we are hosting and producing.


August was a huge month with the 2nd Annual Don Graham Memorial Fun golf classic and raising over $1000 for a family needing medicine that was not covered for their cancer journey.


Then, we went to New York City, a place I have always wanted to visit. We went to the Naval Museum in NY, went through the ships and submarines, and honored our veterans.

I saw some incredible sights and spent some time with my family.


In November, we had our first online Summit, helping people go from being confused to having clarity and being UNSTOPPABLE in everything they do!

That event was so full of rich content that we decided to make it free to you on our YouTube channel as a Christmas gift to you. Go to (7) Unstoppable Overcomers - YouTube to check it out, as I know that it will give you some nuggets of information that anyone can use. Please subscribe to our channel if you have not done so already.


In December, we were on the road to Chicago and were there for some family members who needed us. Giving to our community is great, but our family sometimes needs us at times as well.

We have built some incredible relationships this year, and I know personally that my goal was to leave no man or woman behind. In building the relationships that we have, we have partnered with some incredible businesses, brands, and people.


We have partnered with THEKIMBRA, if you want a community of people who will not let you quit on our goals you then run over and get signed up today. There are four events that they are hosting on Jan 2nd starting at 10 am CST. If you need more time, money, and resources, this is the place to be! Go to and tell them Dorothy sent you!


What 2023 has taught me:

1.       Collaboration is key; we will go farther together.

2. Speaking our truth is necessary; without it, we become miserable. Kindness is speaking your truth and telling the other people in your life how they affect you instead of enabling them to continue the negative behavior. It’s okay to walk away from people to save yourself.

3.       Never be afraid to go after something you want, ask because if you don’t the answer will be no anyway!

4.       It’s okay not to be okay; sometimes, we need to feel what we are feeling and deal with what we are going through in life. Don’t bury your emotions.

5.       Love and appreciate those who matter to you, tell them how you feel, and express to them what they mean to you. Life is short, so make the memories with the ones you love.

6.       If it makes you miserable, STOP doing it!

7.       Be open to everything and attached to nothing. This quote is by Wayne Dyer, and I have lived this more in 2023 and will bring it into 2024 to be my motto.

8.       Don’t let others talk you out of doing what you love; people will always talk about you and what you’re doing. So, give them something to talk about.

9.       Your biggest cheerleaders will not be whom you think they will be, hang on dearly to those friends who will never let you quit on yourself!

10. Never, ever, no matter what, give up on yourself! Do the hard thing, rest, and return at it again; never quit on yourself. If nothing else, I believe in you. Let’s go further together!

With that, my friends, I pray that your 2024 is just as amazing as you are! Watch us on our Roku channel or YouTube channel, and if you have a live show and want to get your own Roku, we can help you.


We have big things in store for 2024, so continue to watch out for us and how we can serve you. We would love to hear back from you if there is anything you want to see more of from us.



With much love and respect,



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